The Amazing healing of a wound in 24 hours with Lifewave Y-age patches.
I have not written about Lifewave patching of quite some time and when I saw this posting, it reminded me of what a great tool we ALL have access to for helping OUR bodies heal optimally without drugs, chemicals and surgery.
The following individual has a wound on his face that was patches in the following manner. During the day one Aeon and one Glutathione patch were placed on top of the wound. At night one Aeon and one Carnosine was placed on the wound over night. They were stacked on top of each other.
Here is the first picture before the patches were put on the wound.
lifewave wound
Here is the wound 12 hours after patching.
lifewave wound 1
Here is the wound 24 hours after patching
lifewave wound 2
It has been my goal over the past 40 years of practice to find products that are safe on humans, animals and friendly to our environment for the prevention of suffering and doing no harm to my animal friends. Lifewave patches fill this perfectly and they can be used in any health matter. They compliment any modality you may be considering or using for your animal friend. I also patch the water supply to my home, yard and Dr. Louie’s water and food bowls to help optimize the healing potential of the water and food we all share together.
Please pay it forward,
Doc and Doc