What is our friend Buddy saying about Dr. Blake’s Newest Poem?

Buddy has told Dr. Blake to make sure Don Miguel Ruiz, of the Four Agreements gets a copy of this poem. He knows, Don Ruiz has taught him a great deal about the ancient Toltec ways and that this teaching created a flow of consciousness that generated this Poem. When Dr. Blake was asked how this came to be, he answered, “The Poem wrote itself.”

Enjoy the Poem Dr Blake and Dr. Louie wants to share with you all. Make today a great day. OAO Dr Blake and Dr. LOuie

The Toltec Warrior Way.

By Stephen Blake


We are all Warriors, you and I,

We are not here to war and spy..

We are not here to walk in fear,

We are here to be quite clear.

In the Toltec Way,

The Warrior is taught to never sway.

Always aware no matter where,

The Toltec’s Way is always be aware of the day.

A calm smile upon his face,

He knows to keep a steady pace.

Without turning his head,

He sees all around, behind and ahead.

He loves all being great and small,

No judge, No jury are his call.

In his heart, he knows the ancient ways,

From this path he never strays.

With each breath he takes each day,

A gentle smile comes his way.

He hears the silence of the day,

The silent knowing shows him the way.

The Toltec Warrior, Peaceful in every way,

Love and compassion the tools of the day.

Stewards of the Eternal Universe,

Love and Peace are his verse.

Kind thoughts, inside and out,

In his heart he knows what life is all about.

Happiness, Health and prosperity are the list,

All the rest are but a myth of mist.

The Warrior knows the Parasite of Domestication,

In  his heart he knows there is no vexation.

Eons of fabricated lies have come and gone,

The Warrior knows they do not belong.

Fear, hatred and man’s abounding greed,

Has been the Parasite’s eternal feed.

The Warrior knows all of these are lies,

In this silent knowing he always relies.

Pure thoughts of love and peace,

Are the only way to release.

The parasite of domestication’s hold on you,

Do this with each breath and you to will be true.

True to your Warrior Spirit, that dwells within,

A shining light with no beginning and no end.

It is Warrior’s Wisdom that prevails each day,

The Knowing that comes from the silence we pray.

The Time has come for all Warriors to have some fun,

No more fear, no more killing with a gun.

Peace and love are the games we are here to play,

Enjoy your gift of life in the Toltec Warrior Way.