Why is Dr. Blake Smiling so BIG? Read on

and you will find out! 

 In April of 1998 I received a call from a very worried and desperate cat caregiver who said to me, “You are our last hope in saving our dear friend Plato’s life.” I told her at the time I had just begun to recover from an illness that had taken me out of my practice two years before and was not taking new patients. She would not take No for an answer and finally I told her I would try but if I felt I was not up to the task I would have to refer her somewhere else. She agreed and the rest is history.

Little Plato, skin and bones came to me with sad eyes and not much time left on this planet. She was vomiting 20 to 30 times per day with no help in site. I was amazed she had been strong enough to last as long as she had. But then again with a name like Plato, I knew she was one tough kitty who didn’t want to give up. I remember our first meeting and noting how frail she was and light in my hands. A strong wind would have blown her away. I held her for a time and felt her tinny heart beating against my hands and heard her say to me, we can do this together.
She had come to me to help me get back my own health by helping her. When they left that day, I thought to myself how lucky I was to have animals back in my life again and that there was light at the end of the tunnel once again. Her loving mother has granted my wish and submitted her story about Plato aka the Queen and her brother Jack aka the King as I call them. It took a huge leap of faith for Lisa to follow my instructions on the care of her dear friends but since she had been told there was nothing else that could be done, she had nothing to loose and was brave enough to take a chance on natural healing. She was willing to give me a chance to awaken the doctor within each of her friends and allow them to heal themselves.
Dr. Stephen Blake and Dr. Louie

The Queen, Plato Marie :O)

There is nothing else I can do”

These are words you never want to hear when your furry buddy is in your arms and clearly suffering….and this is how I met Dr. Stephen Blake 15 years ago…my dear sweet kitty, Plato Marie, was ailing, and our regular vet had no other idea excepts for exploratory surgery to try to figure out why she couldn’t keep any food down….I ran to my natural cat book and it suggested homeopathic vets may be a way to find alternative care – and I located Dr. Blake and we began a journey together that allowed Plato to live two more years.

The King, Jack :O) 
When I adopted “Jack” – my current 12 year old cat as a kitten, I told Dr. Blake that I couldn’t imagine having a cat in my life without the aid of a homeopathic vet by my side to be there for all the challenges of raising a cat – and thank goodness I did (since jack clearly was going to live well past his nine lives!!)
  One of the scariest times for Jack was during the time cats were poisoned by the cat food from china (although since it happened to him before the information had been announced – we had no idea we were poisoning our kitty with the cat food we were feeding him)…Jack started losing weight very rapidly, and Dr. Blake was out of town…when he returned, he had a message on his phone machine saying “you’ve got to call me as soon as you get home – Jack is wasting away and the regular vet said “there is nothing else I can do”…that was 7 years ago and needless to say, Dr. Blake got my message and Jack bounced back (when sadly so many others lost their furry buddies due to that tainted food).
   Then a few years later, Jack had one other very frightening experience – he had a urinary blockage in the middle of the night and we rushed him to emergency care….the next six days were a nightmare and I practically lived in the ICU at the vet hospital…Dr. Blake was working with me and the hospital vets every day trying to offer alternatives – and when I arrived one night with a remedy from Dr. Blake, I could tell from the vet’s reaction that they were not particularly comfortable with our homeopathic approach (they were recommending that I consider a risky surgical solution)
– but they allowed us to continue using remedies and gemmotherapy – and
miraculously, Jack healed and returned to normal activity very soon after the ordeal….interestingly enough – the vets at the hospital never even asked what Dr. Blake did to help jack heal….but Jack is one very lucky kitty.  He has a loving home and a homeopathic vet that helps us take extra special care of him! We thank our lucky stars that we found Dr. Blake for our furry kitty buddies – and thanks to his influence, we have a homeopathic family doc for us too!
Love and peace,
Jack, Plato and Lisa