buddy love and doc anniversary       
Yesterday, May 28th, 2013 was an amazing day for me and I want to share it will all of you. My dear animal friend, Mr. Buddy Love came for a visit at my home office to celebrate his 3 year anniversary from the day we first met May 28, 2010.
       Three years ago, Buddy had been told he was beyond help and there was nothing that could be done to save him. His Mom would not give up and some how found me and drove 3 hours from the north to see if I could help. Buddy was in a very serious state of ill health and the prognosis was poor. The good news is ..drum roll.. he and his Mom hung in there and 6 months later he was on his way and he has not looked back since.
        This is his picture with me yesterday and here is what he wrote me today.
Blessings to you Mr. Buddy Love and All Creatures Great and Small.
Your Friend,
Dr Blake
PS. You can go to this link on my web site http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/?s=buddy+love and see the stories I have written about him over the past three years.
Please pay it forward.
Dear Dr. Stephen Blake… My Hero,
I am so happy that Barbara took me to see you today, and that we were able to celebrate our THIRD Anniversary together!
You looked so cool, and I am so grateful that you got all dressed up to pose with me. I am also grateful that my hair grew so long.
It is hard to believe how great I look and feel… and I owe it all to God performing miracles through YOU!!!
Time flies when you are having fun, and I guess that’s why it seems like only yesterday since you saved my life.
BUT… it was actually 3 years ago, which is about 21 years for humans. Wow! I guess that means I am about 100 years old now.
Thanks again for celebrating our anniversary! This is truly a day to rejoice, and I am glad that I spent it with you.
Hugs and Licks,
Buddy Love… One of Your Greatest Fans