This is my friend Mac and I would like to share his amazing story
with you all!

I was blessed to have his caregiver contact me over two year ago and
ask me to help her with her good friend Mac. As you can see, he is one handsome
guy and full of life. When she was told her dear friend had terminal cancer, she
was devastated by this sad news and wanted to know all of her options. She had
been told all there was only chemotherapy and radiation, two approaches she
personally did not feel comfortable with.

She has been so kind as to write her story about her friend to share
with all o
f you.

Good morning
OWO! (Old Wise One)

As promised (oh so long ago),
I’ve attached the
article about Mac and included some photos. 

Thanks so much for all you’ve
done for our dear

In May of
2009, our then nine-year-old Golden Retriever, McIntyre, was definitively
diagnosed with lymphosarcoma. Several lymph glands on the right side of his
throat and his popliteal nodes were enlarged. Of course we were devastated and
took our time to ultimately decide against radiation and chemotherapy for a
variety of reasons; chief among them, because we’d watched two friends’ dogs
endure it and both stated unequivocally, they would not opt for the treatment
again. Their dogs did not fare well and my friends were emotionally wrought
throughout the process, knowing full well they were only buying time, and not
even quality time as it turned out.

After an
exhaustive interview and exam, Dr. Stephen Blake put Mac on a regimen of
Gemmotherapy (including Common Birch, Rye Grain, Fig Tree, and Black Currant),
colostrum, and Standard Process Canine Whole Body Support. I chose to also give
him a 19-fruit juice blend, Mona Vie Active, which he drank readily twice a day
(2 oz. a.m., 2 oz. p.m. at mealtime). His health remained robust, although the
size of the glands did not change until the following January, whereupon the
only change I made was to switch him to a (new and previously unavailable) super
immune boosting Mona Vie blend called (M)Mūn. Having no particular expectation,
I noticed about three weeks later, that Mac’s lymph glands were about 50%
reduced; after about seven more weeks, they shrank to about 1/3 the original
size where they remain. Of the original five enlarged glands, only three remain
swollen today. The popliteal glands continue to be about the size of

hikes about 3-1/2 miles over hilly, rocky, rough terrain seven days a week
(2-1/2 miles in the morning and one more leisurely mile in the evening). In
addition to the above, he eats raw organic chicken, beef, and/or turkey with
bones (he has for about seven years), vegetables, eggs (including shells),
drinks lots of fresh filtered water, and plays hard with his two canine buddies
every day. I think these activities are as much a vital part of his healing as
all the above. We celebrated his 12th birthday last August

I have a
tremendous respect for the veterinary community and have availed myself of its
services many times over the years. However, I do feel it is a disservice for
them to deny the potentially lifesaving option afforded by integrative medicine.
Had I not known of it, independently sought it out, and found Dr. Blake, I would
have done nothing at all for my dog except bring him home to die as the only
choice offered was chemo/radiation or no chemo/radiation. In view of the success
McIntyre has experienced (whether viewed as an anomaly or not) I think most
would agree that for vets to withhold such an important option is egregious at
best, and negligent at worst.

If anyone would like to contact Patti, she will except emails at


Mac is riding his perfect wave of life and we can do the same.

Say NO to Drugs, Chemicals and Vaccines as we know them

All Dr.
Louie and I ask is you share Mac’s story with all you know and ask them to do
the same. We call this paying it forward.


Dr Blake and Dr. Louie