This is a picture of my friend and patient Tucker,




This is a letter from my good friend and client Laurie. She is the caregiver for many animals and one of them is my friend Tucker. A rescue horse who was blind in one eye and needed a home. Lucky for him he found my dear friend Laurie and NOW has a wonderful home.


She was told by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist he was blind in the eye, would never see again out of the eye and cortisone drops were the only thing to make him comfortable. She couldn’t except that recommendation and opted to consult with me.




Here is a short story from Laurie to share with you all.




We have been treating him Gemmotherapy, colostrum, Classical homeopathy and Lifewave to help awaken the doctor within Tucker. The last time I spoke with him on the phone he said, “I like your prognosis better than the last veterinarian who looked at me, thanks doc for giving me hope in seeing again!”






Hey Dr.Blake:
Just wanted to fill you in RE:Tucker and his new remedy. It is definitely working! The cloudy film that is covering his left eye, is starting to crack-up(lines in it). Friday we had Lydia Hibby out at the ranch and she did a reading for Tucker. Apparently he had a really bad colic years ago and while he was down thrashing, he hit his head hard, and his sight in the left eye went south. Lydia stated he had a healed fracture by the eye point where I have the patch. Anyway, she asked if he could see out of the eye and he said yes,light and shadows, but no peripheral vision. This is an improvement! And, he said the light he saw was broken, like the cracks in the film of his eye. good stuff. I am still playing with the colostrum and dosage but should have something for you soon. Prissy is improving, her hair is straight about 1/3 down her body. This is an improvement. It was only smooth on the top of her back! Also my hip is improving again with the patches! Still patching Tucker and Priss also! Thanks bunches! You are awesome!


Thanks again, Dr. Blake and I will keep you posted!




Please share this with all you know and ask them to do the same. Dr. Louie and I call this paying it forward. Thanks for paying it forward.