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My dear little sister Dr. Patricia Jordan is on a roll ladies and gentlemen. As always she has uncovered more dirty laundry on the vaccine scam that has driven the autism in boys to an all time high of 1:30 .If any parent has a son, DO NOT Vaccinated him. He is at such a high risk now the odds are you are going to have a brain damaged child within 18 months of starting these insane vaccine schedules Big Pharma and OUR government have invented for profit and harming the citizens of OUR country and the rest of the world.
Please, Please, Please take time to view her words and the video. Be a spiritual activist and move your feet. Tell all you know and when a doctor tries to sell this snake oil, give him this article and link. If he or she becomes angry with you for sharing, find a new doctor who will listen and tell the ONE you just canned WHY you are CANNING THEM.
We are seeing millions of children damaged or killed for profit. Stop this insanity NOW before more  innocent children are HARMED for PROFIT and POWER.
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worth watching Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s response to the South Wales Measles outbreak and who is really to blame.
Now, Interestingly enough, the UK Government withdrew the single measles vaccine in order to give “favorite son” GSK the full market of the MMR vaccine, dumped out the single measles to direct more MONEY and PROFIT to GSK and you need to look at GSK list of investors-UK Government, Murdock, the very list of those trying to “neutralize” Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s credibility as to the safety of the MMR vaccine. Dr. Wakefield didn’t know that governments and in this case his government invested in the drug trade and made a significant amount of MONEY, PROFITS from their investments, this one with GSK!
Of course the UK just like the US makes decisions ever single day to help insure their PROFITING from the vaccine industry of which both governments are highly invested! This is a CRISIS for the citizens of both countries as it is OBVIOUS they are putting profits ahead of health care.
Now, if you haven’t seen this information before prepare to try and figure out why the UK would even do this in the face of the dangerous MMR vaccine that Canada kicked off the schedule due tot he dangerous effects on children receiving this vaccine, well turns out is NONE OTHER than the “favorite son” GSK MMR vaccine!
So, not only did the UK choose PROFITS over the health of their children once, they choose to unleash a dangerous vaccine already struck off the schedule from a neighboring western country due to damage from the vaccine!
Now, additional information from the very research scientist that developed the measles vaccine was to NEVER EVER administer measles at the same time with any other vaccine! AND>>>>>>>IF you were going to give another vaccine not to do this for at least 4 weeks!. So why did drug industry choose to IGNORE the measles vaccine recommendations? BECAUSE IT WAS CHEAPER to stuff all the toxic crap into one vial!
In this interview you see it first folks! 1 in 36 children now have autism….in S. Korea whom allowed the great white APE to influence vaccine protocols for their children. In the US, 1 in 30 boys get autism from this highly aggressive vaccine schedule being imposed on US. Boys are higher, because of testosterone, it increases the toxicity of mercury by 200%! For girls, the estrogen is somewhat protective but don’t worry, the girls get more autoimmune disease from vaccines .
There is a very dark prophesy unfolding in front of our eyes and that is how many highly vaccinated populations are still getting disease the apparent vaccine failures and how many items we are finding not wild type but VACCINE STRAIN virus as the offending pathogen! The vaccines are the vector of disease!
The homeopaths of a century before us figured out that vaccinations do not stop disease, they are the transmuted avatar that just changed expression………..what have we done with vaccine but make more disease and disease with a different face.
Vaccination, ALWAYS experimentation under the guise of health care delivery.“When our animals get sick, we don’t ask what they did wrong, we ask what we did wrong.”, Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms