What are our friends telling us about the dangers of airport-body-scan-radiation?

The following text was pulled from http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2011/02/10/airport-body-scan-radiation-concerns-ucsf-researchers/ on the safety of airport-body-scan-radiation. According to these researchers, this technology has no real safety studies behind it and no one knows the long term danger to the public. Please share this information and refuse to exposed to yet another dangerous idea contrived by government/industry lobbyists.

“It concerns me a great deal,” said UCSF Professor Robert Stroud. At his biophysics lab Professor Stroud has been analyzing data on the new so-called backscatter body scanners. They emit very low level X-rays that bounce off a person’s body, allowing screeners to see through clothes.

The manufacturer, Rapiscan, claims they are safe, and compliant with all U.S. regulations and standards. But Stroud said, “We simply don’t know enough about low intensity radiation.”

Stroud said the low intensity radiation appears to mostly concentrate in the skin. “Skin is where a lot of this particular radiation probably will be most damaging,” he said.

He believes eyes could also be sensitive to any kind of radiation. “If you have typically 3 head X-rays for example you increase your risk of cataracts significantly,” Stroud said. “I would imagine in time we will all be presented with some type of glasses.”

Stroud and three other UCSF colleagues wrote a letter to the White House. The White House wrote back, saying “we are confident that full body X-ray security products and practices do not pose a significant risk to the public health.”

But the scientists at UCSF believe what is being offered up as scientific proof of the body scanners’ safety is not convincing.

A recent study was commissioned by the feds and carried out by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. “The document is heavily redacted,” said Stroud. “Also there are no names on the document.”

Stroud also said vital information is missing. “Never in this document for example is the X-ray current for the actual machine listed.”

The TSA recently agreed to exempt all airline flight crew from the full body scanners. But more and more passengers are going through 247 machines at 38 U.S. airports at last count.

Why is it TSA decides to not expose pilots and crew to radiation and require the rest of us to be exposed to  a potential cancer causing technology? Next time some one says you need to go through, just SAY NO and let them use their hands, which are far less toxic than radiation.

Please pay this forward and tell the powers to be , we are going to be lab animals for their unsafe technology.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Stephen R. Blake