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What do Dr Louie and Dr. Blake do to stay healthy so they can go on ALL of their adventures?


Over a period of 41 years Dr. Blake has had the honor of trying many modalities of healing and has used many supplements for his pets, patients and himself. His definition of health is, Optimum Cell Replication. In order to achieve this we must all do our best to avoid toxic substances, eat and drink clear food and water, exercise, be mindful and take Imutek Bovine Colostrum, 1-TDC joint formula, use Gemmotherapy, essential oils, Hemp oil  to detox and strengthen our bodies. you can read about these amazing products here on his site.

Remember the MOST TOXIC substance on the Earth is , Drum Roll Please….FEAR/WORRY. Do your best to keep a POSITIVE attitude NO MATTER what shows up on your plate of LIFE. Peace is EVERY Breath and EVERY step. Breathe, SMILE and Believe in a PEACEFUL world NOW. Ubuntu.

Dr Louie and Dr. Blake

PS. Check out our latest adventure and click these links now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S01GfEhO7dQ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M54xAgQw6vs

Please pay it forward NOW. The  POWER of ONE is ALIVE AND WELL. Ubuntu