What do the TWO Shamans, Stephen Blake AKA Medicine Man and Little Shaman Jackson Blake have to share with the Universe today?

When Medicine Man was asked, “What 6 books would you take on a desert island if you ONLY had six to choose from in the entire world?”

He has read 1000’s of books over this 70 years in the laboratory of life and ONLY a few have been what he likes to call…..Game Changers!..

The word Game Changer refers to how it impacted his life and helped him along his eternal journey to awaken the Shaman with himself. He keeps these six books on his desk in his home office in San Diego California and refers to them often in his teachings and writings. It is his knowing without knowing that TRUTH flows on to all that he shares with ALL that wish to learn what PEACE and LOVE are all about.

He is adding his book at the end for those who wish to be aware of HEALTH and HEALING. Since he wrote it he feels he doesn’t need to take on the island with the other SIX 🙂 LOL. BUT if I could take 7 🙂 I would take it as well LOL 🙂

#1…The Four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is a must read and use each and everyday of your journey in this world we call Earth. I cannot say enough about the sharing of the Toltec knowledge of life and living, Don Miguel Ruiz shares in this magical book. Please check it and order through this link. Aho Medicine Man


#2….A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle is a must read without a doubt.. It changed my life forever and I spend 6 months learning from this small book filled with the wisdom of BEING.

Please check it and order through this link. Aho Medicine Man


#3…..Earthing  by Clint Ober is a game changer for Medicine Man physically and Energetic connection with his relationship with Mother Earth. Find the science to the connecting with Mother Earth and her healing potential for all creatures great and small. Please check it and order through this link. Aho Medicine Man


#4…..Born to Run by Christopher McDougall  was a game changer for Medicine Man for finding the ancient teachings of the Ramarui of Mexico, aka the Running People. This book sent Medicine Man running out his front door barefoot after 30 years of not running in the middle of the book. A must read for all those who wish to find the secret to staying young eternally on planet Earth. Please check it and order through this link. Aho Medicine Man


#5…. Peace is Every Breath written by Thich Nhat Hanh changed Medicine Man’s life forever at the young age of 64 years. This little Blue book showed Medicine Man the TRUE path to the HAPPINESS that lies within all creatures great and small. Medicine Man will tell you that this singe book took him to a place he dreamed of all his life…drum roll please 🙂 Stillness, the space between a thought, space between hot and cold, space between each breath, INNER Happiness. Please check it and order through this link. Aho Medicine Man


#6…..Awaken the Inner Shaman by Jose Luis Stevens is the book Medicine Man has been visiting with for 6 months and will tell all who ask, WHY is this book so important to you and me? The answer is…drum roll please…Shaman Jose presents Shamanism is a practical guide to leaning about what the Shaman within us all is and gives us the tools to rediscover who we really are and how to use that remembered wisdom to live a HAPPY life in this world we call Earth.

Please check it and order through this link. Aho Medicine Man


The last book is ONE Medicine Man would recommend for all those who wish to take control of their animal’s ( all animals) physical health in this world and do no harm in the process to themselves, others or planet Earth. His book is

Gemmotherapy for OUR friends the Animals

written by..drum roll please LOL

Dr. Stephen R. Blake, B.S., DVM, CVH, CVA, Usui Reiki Master, Shaman.

Please check it and order through this link. Aho Medicine Man


Thank you all for listening and sharing. Oceans of PEACE and LOVE.


Dr. Stephen R Blake aka Medicine Man