What do your animal friends and your family NEED for Christmas and into the FUTURE?

 How to Thrive and Survive in a TOXIC world

By Dr. Stephen Blake and Shaman Jackson Blake!


Today is day 327 of the year 2018, (November 23, 2018) the best day in the world we call planet Earth 🌏 and what does Medicine Man want to share with all his. Brothers and sisters in the Universe today?

It is ……drum roll please🙏

As you can see from the photo of Dr. Stephen Blake and Shaman Jackson Blake on day 327 they are sending a visual message that they are giving a lot of thought to over the past 50 years….

To HOW cam Medicine Man and Shaman Jackson and all creatures great and small THRIVE and SURVIVE in such a TOXIC world and LIVE a HAPPY, HEALTHY and ABUNDANT LIFE?

An the answer is…..????

The following video will answer this MOST important topic for all those who wish to listen and learn.

Before you watch my I-movie on surviving in a TOXIC world.. remember this…WORRY is the most TOXIC substance on planet Earth! AND this too shall pass. 🙏✌️❤️👣🙏🌏👍🤙😎👣

After you watch my short video you can dig deeper into what Medicine Man does each and everyday to practice Being Happy, Healthy and Abundant. 🙏😉😆 by going to the link at the bottom of this post.

How to Thrive and Survive in a Toxic World🙏✊️😎👣




After 30 years, Dr Stephen Blake finally wrote his book, Is this an Emergency?  and self published it on Amazon.com on October 10, 2018. It is now available in E-book and Paperback at the links below. 
Is this an Emergency?
After being in the field of veterinary medicine for over 49 years, I would like to share what an emergency is from a veterinarian’s perspective. The reason for writing this book is to empower the animal caregiver/pet owner with knowledge on how to know when they should take their animal in for emergency care or not. In my book I preface the book with a story about my journey into Holistic Veterinary Medicine where I added acupuncture, classical homeopathy, nutritional and herbal medicine, along with bovine colostrum, Gemmotherapy for helping my animal friends detoxify for optimal HEALTH and HEALING. In my book Is this an emergency? I selected symptoms that are commonly encounter in the lives of pets and given the care giver the tools to evaluate a particular symptom to determine whether it is an emergency or something how they can care for them at home with natural means. I have also provided guidance for the times you do need to go to an emergency facility and how to know how to say yes and no to what you are advised to do. The main objective of the book is to help keep your animal friend from having to go into a veterinary facility unless it is absolutely necessary. My message has always been the same to all my clients and readers. is drum roll please? Always prevent suffering and do no harm in the process. My book provides simple explanations to how to be a proactive animal caregiver and do no harm in the process. It also gives resources in the form of books and web sites to go deeper into the care of our friends the animals. Since we all know animals are OUR best friends, I want to make sure you all do your very best to care for them in a holistic way. Sincerely yours, Dr. Stephen R. Blake B.Sci., DVM, CVA, CVH, Usui Reiki Master. Aho and so it is .
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Make today a great day,
Medicine Man

Just when you thought it was safe in this world we call planet Earth, an EMERGENCY comes your way for your best friends the animals.

What do you do?

Drum roll please 🙏
Call Medicine Man 🙏👣✊️👍

How do you do that since he is no longer taking patients?

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Is This An Emergency?, in e-book or paperback now available on amazon.com 🙏✌️🤙👍👣

He has compiled 45+ years of his experience with the most common emergencies you as a animal caregiver may experience with your best friend in a keep it simple format so you can decide, IS THIS AN EMERGENCY or NOT?

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Make today a great day and share your beautiful SMILE 😀🤙❤️🌎👣 with all creatures great and small and do not forget to share it with yourself when no one is looking 😉✌️❤️

Aho and so it is,
Medicine Man ✌️❤️👣🌏🤙👍😎