This photo should give you a little bit of an idea how cold it was when Dr. Blake made this YouTube video to share with all of you.

When in Nature I feel the most alive. When I feel temperatures below freezing, the ice cold wind blowing and a big smile frozen upon my face, I know I AM ALIVE. I call the wind the breath of the angel’s wings behind the wind aka my guardian angels watching over me.

I am coming up on my 72nd spin around the sun and I am so grateful to be physically able to still rock climb, trek long distances with my trusty PCT 35 pound backpack, swim, surf, skateboard, down hill ski, dance the dance of life, snow ski, etc.

I owe all of this to my decision 4 decades ago to take a Holistic approach to my life on planet Earth. You can read about what my daily practices are on my page

In this video I am snow shoeing at 10 degrees F and having a blast walking with Mother Nature and all her perfect glory. Blessing upon your day.. Where you go we all go.

Dr. Stephen R. Blake Aka Medicine Man