What gift or gifts keeps on giving to all Creatures Great and Small from Dr. Stephen Blake?

As I approach my 72nd spin around the sun, I know without knowing the most important thing to feel in this world we call planet Earth is the love and happiness that is beyond all understanding dwelling in all creatures great and small. When I bless anything that comes my way I always say may happiness, healthiness and abundance fill each and everyday I am blessed to be alive on planet Earth.

HAPPINESS and LOVE are inside jobs that ONLY each of us can create with our thoughts, words, deeds and actions.

The HEALTHINESS part is also a matter of choice and ONLY can you do this for yourself.

ABUNDANCE is in the eye of the beholder and it comes in many forms. The most important abundance in our lives is all around us and everything around us began as a single thought. Make your thoughts MINDFUL ones and you will know the abundance that is beyond all understanding.

The answer to What gift or gifts keeps on giving to all Creatures Great and Small from Dr. Stephen Blake? can be found in the two links below.  


Dr. Blake NOW has 5 books available on Amazon.com and his 6th is being edited as of this day, May 2, 2021. Once it is up on Amazon.com, I will post it! Thank you for listening, reading and learning about Natural Health  care or ALL animals Great and Small!


I love trekking upon the Pacific Crest Trail and feeling Mother Earth beneath my feet.

The information I have shared in all my writings ARE my personal experiences in the field of health over the past 50 + years that  I practice for myself each and everyday. “A path is made by walking on it!.” At 73 + spins around the sun,  I am HEALTHY enough to walk over a thousand+ of miles every year, rock climb, skateboard, downhill ski, mountain bike, etc. etc…. As my dear departed father Stephen taught me over 60 years ago, “You snooze you loose! and ” The great doctor is the ONE who awakens the doctor within!”

Please pay my word forward to all you know and ask them to do the same. I call this paying it forward.

Blessings to all my brothers, sisters and all creatures great and small.

I see you with my eyes.

I feel you with my heart.

I welcome you as a fellow human being.

Ubuntu ( we are all ONE)

Dr. Stephen R. Blake DVM, CVA, CVH, Usui Reiki Master, Medicine Man and fellow human being.