What is a simple thing you can do for your best friend’s immune and digestive systems?


Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie discovered one of the best kept secrets when it comes to a supplement that has such a potential impacted on the digestion and immunes system of any animal on the planet. It has been in the medical literature for over 6000 years and the health profession knows very little about Nature’s Forgotten Miracle.

What is it? It is New Zealand Bovine Colostrum. For the past 13 years Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie have never missed a day without their small dose of colostrum. It is Nature’s Perfect Food. Think about it! A calf lives off of  its mother’s milk exclusively for up to 7 months, a whale calf lives exclusely on her mother’s milk for over two years. It contains all the micronutrients you need to survive.

To learn more about Nature’s Forgotten Miracle, visit our web page at http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/health-tips/colostrum/

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OAO, Dr Blake and Dr. Louie