I just got this amazing communication from one of my readers and friends, Coco. The photo came with these words of wisdom. LOL

“Hey Doctor Blake I am doing amazing and I just finished reading your 2nd and 3rd books on how to stay happy and healthy. When I am all tucked in my cozy bed, these are my favorite books to read. “

Here caregiver wrote these words to me when I asked permission to use Miss. Coco’s photo and I want to share them with all of you.

Miss. CoCo would be honored to have you share her photo.
I also wanted you to know that on page 74 of “Is This an Emergency?” I literally cried and read it over and over… I’m going to write it out and hang it next to my desk. I’m a senior sanctuary for small breeds 12+ in years and 9 are 14-17 and a 12 yr old. Since I’ve gone natural as possible 3 years ago we’ve only suffered 1 loss in 26 months. Each Soul IS a blessing from the Divine, unique little Earth angles sent to teach me unconditional love and try to be the woman they think I am. They are my BRIDGEWALKERS, because of them I’m no longer lost~ I have a Life Purpose, a Soul Mission, and they help me take better care of myself because I forget my own pain and disabilities so they NEVER have to suffer (fibro 30 years, severe foraminal stenosis and a laundry list of personal health issues).
    Rescue saved my life by loving them. I once slept most my life away from depression and hopelessness from chronic pain. I lost 100 pounds naturally because they each taught me to love myself and I wasn’t worthless and I had a gift to heal.
    We are a quiet home, perfect for little anxiety seniors. 90% of my life is with them and mostly in silence. Some say I’ve become a recluse, but I found peace in my heart from striving to make a difference in each Soul’s life 🐾💜🐩💙🐕
Sorry so long but now you understand why your message touched my heart so deeply and for this I send deepest gratitude ✌

Thank you both for sharing your kind words and I am so happy you are both doing so well. Dr. Stephen Blake

Coco and Mom  I am working on my 5th book, Dr. Stephen Blake’s ABC’S on Natural Health Care for our animal friends as we speak. For those who want to learn more about my books, click this link https://www.thepetwhisperer.com/book/ and check out my 4 books available on Amazon.com.

Dr. Blake is jumping with joy for Mother Earth and all creatures great and small!

Thank you again for sharing your kind words with me and all the other creatures great and small.

Aho and so it is,

Dr. Stephen R. Blake