I have been studying Buddhism with the Monks at a Deer Park Monastery in Escondido, California and reading Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings for the past 36 months. I have been treating a couple of the monks using natural healing because I discovered they rely on drug based medical practices to treat themselves for medical problems.

I have found that no matter what spiritual practice I study, there is very little if any mention of natural healing practices in their teachings. I told my monk friend at Deer Park there needs to be  a Mindfulness practice of a Healing in their teachings to maintain balance between the Mind , Body and Spirit in ALL beings.

While I was trekking in the Andes Mountains of Peru  the followings words came my way. I call them Mindful Healing. Please take part of your day to read and share my words on Mindful Healing. I would also suggest everyone read Peace is a Every Step. Peace is Every Breath and Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh,  to really understand the meaning of Happiness and that without Mindfulness in OUR everyday lives, we can NEVER have TRUE Happiness or Mindful Healing.

Your Friend,

Dr. Stephen Blake, DVM, CVA, CVH, Usui Reiki Master, Citizen of the Universe

Mindful Healing
Dr. stephen Blake, DVM, CVA, CVH, Usui Reiki Master, Shaman, Medicine Man 🙂

As a HEALER I have observed the lack of understanding of what healing means. If an individual does not know the process of healing, he or she cannot begin to practice mindfully healing.

The HEALER WITHIN or the INTERBEING we all are, is that which must be awakened by the healer or the physical being in this physical world.

HEALING is the process of awakening OPTIMUM CELL REPLICATION within ourselves. Being in a MINDFUL state is essential to accomplishing this task. TRUE Healing requires a MODALITY OF Treatment, sense of well being, the appearance of an eruption or discharge, localization of symptoms, inner symptoms improving first followed by exterior ones,and the  symptoms getting better fro top to bottom

When practicing MINDFUL HEALING, both the HEALER and the PATIENT must BOTH be mindful of ALL mind, body and spirit communications. These come in the form of discharge, inflammation, sensation, feelings, emotions, eruptions, etc.

In MINDFUL HEALING it is paramount that BOTH the healer and the patient do not palliate or suppress these communications from mind, body and soul. By this I mean that whatever modality is selected by either the healer or the patient for their method of healing, it must NOT interrupt the natural healing process of the body. An example would be to take a pain killer for pain, instead of addressing why the pain was there in the first place.

The body generates specific symptoms to alert us of an imbalance in mind, body and or spirit. In MINDFUL HEALING, we listen and observe very mindfully what is being said or seen, and choose our method of treatment to address the specific needs of the patient. It is necessary for them to come back into energetic balance by helping awaken the INTERBEING or HEALER WITHIN. In other words, beware of drugs or chemicals which claim to be ONE FITS ALL just because a patient may have similar symptoms.

The FIRST STEP In MINDFUL HEALING you must acknowledge the symptom and ask how it is.You must honor the symptom as a friend who is giving you advice on how to achieve optimum cell replication, IE health.

The SECOND STEP in MINDFUL HEALING requires each of us to take accounting of what negative thoughts or emotions, food, drinks, drugs, chemicals or vaccines we are putting into our bodies. All of these may very well be the cause of the INTERBEING’S Lack of balance.

The THIRD STEP in MINDFUL HEALING is to heighten your awareness to the discomfort your body is expressing. In order to complete this task you must breathe in and quiet your mind like the gentle wind on a spring summer’s day. Breathe out and smile. Repeat this process slowly and listen to what your body has to say about its imbalance.

A simple example of STEP THREE would be a person with chronic knee pain. The patient gets quiet and listens to what the knee says when she or he moves it in different direction. Notice what makes it feel better or worse. Notice how it feels when walking with or without your shoes. Notice how it feels when you are standing, walking fast or slow, lying down, ascending or descending. Ask it it how it feels with heat, cold, touch or dampness . Isolate the pain down to a specific spot that is most tender to the touch and slowly move knee at a speed that does not cause any pain. As soon as you feel pain stop the movement and breathe deeply into and out the pain mindfully acknowledging the pain as a friend. Repeat this process gently throughout the day and slowly you will find you have more range of motion. Always give thanks to all the cells in your body for helping you heal no matter how slowly it may seem to you. Breathe in, greet the pain and thank it for awakening you to needing to change something or things in your life.. Breathe out and smile. Breathe in and ask it to calm down and breathe out and smile. Breathe I and ask it to let go and breathe out and smile. Breathe in and ask what you need to do to heal and breathe out and smile. Always be patient with your body and never have negative thoughts about yourself or others.

Over the past 45 years of being a student of healing and a healer, have found that 99% of the time I do not need drugs, chemicals or vaccines to help awaken the doctor within all creatures great and small, including myself.

My many years of studying many modalities of healing has taught me that less is always better when using any modality of healing. One must always remember we are all energy beings, hence our bodies are designed by nature to respond optimally to modalities of energetic medicine.

This is not to say our physical bodies do not need quality water, fats, proteins, carbohydrate minerals and vitamins. This is an obvious observation, however the body does not need megadoses of any of these essential nutrients. The principle of less is better still applies in all aspects of our lives. The principle of MINDFUL HEALING requires MINDFULL eating, drinking sleeping, thought deeds and actions in our everyday lives. To ignore any of these MINDFULL practices will interfere with the process of MINDFUL HEALING.

In my daily practice of healing I utilize the following energetic modalities with great success: Classical Homeopathy, Usui Reiki, Bovine Colostrum, Gemmotherapy, 1TDC (Esterified fatty acids), Aromatherapy, Standard Process glandular therapy, Massage, Acupuncture, Organic Coconut oil, Diatomaceous Earth and ONLY POSITIVE THOUGHTS ABOUT ALL MY PATIENTS GREAT AND SMALL.

The FOURTH STEP in MINDFUL HEALING is ALWAYS focus on what is going RIGHT in yourself and the world and NEVER on what is NOT GOING RIGHT IN YOURSELF or the WORLD. You must practice making PEACE within yourself as the PATH to MINDFUL HEALING. You are NEVER in a FIGHT to awaken the doctor within but rather PEACE with THIS IS IT. THIS IS IT simply means you accept the MOMENT as SELF and walk in PEACE without FEAR no matter what the outcome may BE.

In conclusion I want to make it very clear that danger is real and fear is a choice. No matter what path you choose, make sure you have NO REGRETS and BE grateful in ALL things.

You can read about the different modalities I have referenced in this article on my website

MINDFULL HEALING is every breath, MINDFUL HEALING is every step and PEACE is ALWAYS the PATH.