What DOES Professor Forest GUMP know, you do NOT? 

On this day, the 42nd day of the year 2018, my little sister Dr. Patricia Jordan shared these words of wisdom with me. Below is my response to her words and to the world.

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For it is said, he or she who messes with Mother Nature is a fool. Unfortunately Professor Forest Gump had this to say about Man and his FOOL/STUPIDITY…drum roll please… “STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!” Aho Medicine Man.
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I have found some information that enlightened me about the rabies virus.
It is not true that the dis ease you get from rabies vaccines is just “energetic”.
It was in the early 1900 that a French woman a researcher had made that link that rabies
is related to snack venom. She just couldn’t detoxify the snake venom to make it work as a
Our colleague Dr. Billy Austin and his co researcher discovered PANVERA and how to properly detoxify
the neurotoxic snake venom from the Banded Krait and the Thailand cobra into a substance that would when injected
into a little of puppies even generate a titer positive for neutralizing antibody against rabies.
This is all about the molecular structure of rabies and how it fits in to the gp 123 site as does HIV, Herpes, other neurotropic viruses. He used the PANVERA to convert FIV cats (relationship to HIV obvious) and he wrote about this in the AHVMA Journal.
Currently, PANVERA has been purchased by a drug company to develop an antiviral drug for animals.
Many moons ago, myself and Dr. Blake were trying to get our hand on the product to develop a remedy from it.
Dr. Billy Austin had hoped to find a cure for rabies because one of his classmates in veterinary school had died from rabies.

Well, after I have done a very deep look into the rabies virus and have looked at many cases in both humans and animals that became dis eased from the rabies vaccine or I should call it the “anti-rabies” which is how it is referred to all over the world except here in the US, I realize that the rabies virus in the vaccines is just as capable of making it to the amygdala of the brain where behaviors are made as the actual rabies virus wild type. Study of cases in India of humans that had to take the antirabies vaccine will have a number of the same symptoms and complaints and these are all explained by the rabies virus travel to the amygdala. The entire real of so called Rabies miasm issues can be tracked to hard core organic damage to the brain.

Additionally, the dogs that develop GME granulomatuous myeloencephalitis, often have rabies or distemper virus as the seed of infection that is responsible for the seizures. Now, we could use a histo immuno chemical stain on the nidus of the lesion in dogs that lost their battle with GME and retrieve the virus and then check and see, was this wild type or was this virus from the vaccine. I suspect HEAVILY that more often than not the gene finger print analysis would show it was vaccine virus. Now we have the technology to perform those tests they should be done on every active case of rabies and every case of rabies “miasm” which is still rabies.

I have been trying to get pathologists to do this but am finding that no one wants to bring this to light and I suspect that is because we will find out that these viruses in vaccines are still very much capable of causing disease.
The fact that I have tracked “hundreds of thousands” of human rabies vaccines were recalled that are manufactured in our own country, the USA . Recalled for “failure to inactivate the virus”. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

They have been sometimes doubly recalled for contamination, most often with Candida. But the fact remains, the vaccine virus…..I believe this is responsible for what so far is wrongly referred to as “an imprint” or “an energetic” disease.

Mark my words, we will find that the viruses, whenever they are injected, they are in like flynn and even incorporating into the genome and are there just ready to express when the conditions are right. And, they still “do their thing” as the rabies does and go to the brain, to the amygdala and are responsible for those exact same rabies viral capabilities the patients just do not die.

The French had done a study finding that the more viruses that infect our brains, the more apathetic both humans and animals become. I would see that vaccines, inject viruses and are responsible in this light of making humans and animals apathetic, the higher the viral load.

After taking a Virology Course at Columbia University with Professor Rancanciello he explained to us that viruses are not dead and they are not alive, they are sequences of proteins that when they are in the vicinity of a living cell that is susceptible and receptive can and will infect and replicate. They need the cells machinery. They wouldn’t get into our bodies without that deep puncture bypassing the majority of our immune system. Not most viruses anyway.

Since they have never known what they were doing, those making vaccinations, they have not seen this one coming. However when we see a little more we will be able to place the blame of these inoculations squarely on the shoulders of that first vaccine franchise that made money and started the entire hoax. That was Edward Jenner by the way.

BTW when I took the Virology 101 class, the instructor told us that Columbia had been turning our medical doctors all this time and yet had not had any material offered on viruses since the 1980s. So what were the doctors taught about viruses? about their part in disease? about vaccinations? about vaccinology?
Not much and nothing current. Our sad sad reality.

Rabies, is very capable of causing disease, no matter if in the wild or from a vaccine. The injection of the rabies virus is causing cancers and since rabies virus has 3 of the 5 proteins dedicated to replication it is not hard to see why we have cancers at the sites of rabies injections like this mast cell tumor below;
<dinnerplate mast cell after rabies.JPG>

I have quite the collection of these and worse, even so called benign tumor will grow tremendously after a rabies jab.
The “murderous” behavior of animals following rabies jabs is also documented. It cats, dogs, horses…….we all know that “desire to kill” that can happen and pretty quickly following a rabies jab. Now, I believe I have the pathway on how that happens.
When asked to find out where rabies first came from about 8 years ago, I had figured out that the rabies virus came from a snipped off portion of neurotoxic snake venom. This virus has been known about since the time of Babylon, and guess what, they had neurotoxic venomous snakes that bit dogs even back then. It is obvious it came from a pinched off portion that same same same 5 protein sequence that is a part of the neurotoxic venom that is the rabies virus we know today.

A recent paper by the CDC researcher working with the VSV virus, another cytopathic virus, another virus in the exact same family as the rabies virus and a virus that often is researched alongside with rabies. That paper showed how antibody is not a good thing for some viral infections. The VSV sister virus of rabies was one of them. Is the rabies another? I would BET SO and this is a big reason along with the murderous desire to kill that often befalls our animals vaccinated with rabies to find out and STOP THE SHOTS. With the colorable laws of rabies, we need a FEDERAL law that overrides all the states and Commonwealths individual laws before this all becomes evident to the most casual of observers. Not just for the cancer, not just for the autoimmune disease but for the behavioral problems that are developing as a result of these unsafe and unnecessary jabs.

Just my 2 cents that I am not even charging 2 cents for!

Dr. Patricia Jordan

“When our animals get sick, we don’t ask what they did wrong, we ask what we did wrong.”,Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms