What is this wise soul saying with his big beautiful brown eyes?

It is time again to get caught up on my old buddy, BUDDY LOVE. I have written about him off and on over the past year. You will find my blogs on him after you read his newest report he wants to share with all his fans.
He has been an inspiration to me and all who know him for his amazing courage to never give up, just like his Mom Barbara. Please take a few minutes to read his and her words and share them with all you know. This will make your heart SMILE BIG TIME.
Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie
 Janauary 12, 2012
Dear Dr. Stephen Blake,
Thanks to YOU, Dr. Stephen Blake… 2012 is off to a romping start. Lots of fun getting Barbara into shape, by running along at the beach and around the lake. I especially love all the remedies Barbara puts into my raw food, and the homeopathic drinks that I enjoy gulping down every day. I guess you can say, I owe my life to God working through you. Hard to believe it is almost two years since the other Vet thought I only had a month to live unless I took mega-STEROIDS for the rest of my life! Thanks to Barbara, I did not go down that dead end! Instead, she came to you and your natural remedies turned my life around. Thanks again for being my Lifeline to Health and Happiness!!!!! Have a wonderful year! Hugs and Licks, Buddy Love