What Message does Dr. Blake have to share on day 8 of the year 2018?

Day 7 of the year 2018, the best year in the history of this world we call planet Earth and Medicine Man received some sad news about ONE of his special Animal Friends. 😞 😇 ❤

The Photo of Medicine Man in this posting was taken many moons ago when he was praying for Mother Earth  and  All Creatures great and small. 😇

Medicine Man thought of this photo when he heard of the passing of King Charlie, a LION in a Cat suit, Medicine Man was blessed to have been his veterinarian for most of his life here on planet Earth and wanted to share the beautiful words his Mother wrote about him with all of you. After you read his Caregiver’s words, you will see what Medicine Man wrote back to her and his feelings about LIVING LIFE FULLY. 😇

Dear Dr Blake,

I’m writing to let you know that my precious, sweet, loving cat Charlie passed away this week. His body lost the battle with the terminal illnesses. Charlie was a very special cat. He was a therapy cat who loved all humans & all animals. He touched so many lives through his volunteer work with residents of nursing homes & assisted living facilities. He helped many children gain confidence in reading out loud through our “Read to the Cat” program at elementary schools. He mentored feral kittens in our home as they were socialized. Charlie was one of those rare cats that was so special. He had positive qualities that were far beyond the average cat. He had so much love to give to the world and he gave it everyday.

Thank you for being Charlie’s Vet. I learned so much from you. And, you took excellent care of Charlie. I will be forever grateful.


Tears from Dr Blake.. 😇 ❤

I just read your words about our dear friend and teacher’s passing. His paw prints live eternally on the hearts of all those who were blessed to know him in this life time. I know he is watching over you as I share my heartfelt words with you. Thank you for your kind words about my service to King Charlie, which was my honor to serve him. He is my hero, teacher and friend eternally. 😇 ❤

I feel him looking back at me with his beautiful eyes, I know so well from holding him in my hands when I would get the honor of helping him obtain optimum HEAL-TH in this world we call planet Earth.

Now he gets to be outside all the time, and you know how much he loved to get to go outside? he is wise, wild and free to BE the angel he was in a cat suit here on Earth 24/7.

Thank you for your excellent care of King Charlie and for loving him unconditionally through thick and thin. 😇 ❤ 👍


Dr. Stephen Blake aka Medicine Man

I have said it thousands of times and I will continue to saying this until my last breath in this world…drum roll please…🙂

“My friends the animals are eternally my teachers, friends, heroes and savers of my life many times over in this life time on planet Earth!” I will serve them and Mother Earth until my last breath on Earth and BE eternally grateful for the privilege and honor of doing so. 😇

Charlie found the teacher when the students, he and his Mom were ready and Medicine Man found Charlie when the student, himself was ready. Together as a team of three, THEY helped each other on THEIR eternal journey in this life and the next. 😇

ON this, the 7th day of the year 2018, the best day in the history of this world we call Earth, make it your practice to NEVER, EVER give up on your dreams and the fact that we all want PEACE on EARTH NOW. 👍 ❤

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Lovingkindness for Self and All creatures great and small, This Is It!. Aho, Medicine Man

Www.thepetwhisperer.com 😇 🙂 ❤

Happy New Year LovingKindness Universe✌️❤️👍


Medicine Man✌️❤️


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