What teachings does this photo bring  to Dr. Blake aka Medicine Man’s Mind on the 4th day of the year 2018, the best day in the history of this world we call planet Earth? 
Day 4 of the year 2018, the best year in the history of this world we call planet Earth and I was greeted by this photo I took 3 years ago at Deer Park Buddhist Monastery in Escondido California near my home office.
It seems like ONLY yesterday I was walking with my brothers and sisters in Silent Walking Meditation and SMILING so BIG I had a face ache LOL. Well ..Daaaa.. Medicine Man always gets a face ache when he is meditating which is 24/7 time permitting LOL 🙂
I am in gratitude each and everyday for finding Deer Park in May of 2013 and the teachings of my dear brother, teacher and friend Thay aka Thich Nhat Hanh 😇 ❤.
A good friend Tommy gave me a book, Peace is Every Breath by Thich Nhat Hanh and MAGIC happened when I read the first page 😇 .. I knew without knowing the student aka Medicine Man was ready for his teacher, Thich Nhat Han 😇. I immediately posted on FB what I had discovered, Buddhist Mindful Practice and wanted everyone to be aware of Thay’s teachings.
Within a day, another good friend of mine Mike who lives in Escondido messaged me these words…..drum roll please… “Doc , Thich Nhat Hanh has a monastery 25 minutes from your home.” I was blown away and jumped into my car and drove north to find this magical place.
I finally find it and guess what???? The GATE was locked and there was no way in. I called the number on the web site, pushed the buttons on the gate, spoke into the voice box many times and the gate was NOT going to open.
I finally read the web site and guess what??? It was only open to the public Thursdays and Sundays and Wednesday didn’t work LOL.. I drove home and read all that was on the web site deerparkmonastery.org
I was blown away with the history and the message conveyed by what I was reading. The following day, Thursday I was waiting at the gate early in the morning about 6AM waiting for it to open and it did……at 7:30 AM LOL… I was more than grateful to wait and when I entered I knew I WAS HOME.
The stories that followed that discovery are many and they changed Medicine Man’s life forever in the BEST way EVER 😇 ❤ 🙂 For the gift of Thay’s teachings in my life, there are no words to express my gratitude, love and Ahhhhh of BEING in the knowing of my TRUE Happiness within. 😇 👍
I invite all of you to take some time out of your busy lives and read what Thay has to share with the Universe about PEACE/LOVING KINDNESS. I would suggest you start with reading Peace is Every Breath and if you can go to Deer Park, take the time to discover what I did 4 ++ years ago. 😇
Medicine Man has written 3 Mindful Practices on his web site www.thepetwhisperer.com he would like to share with all his brothers and sisters around the world.
Go to his site and go to select categories, scroll down to Mindfulness Healing, Mindful Walking and Mindful Eating and enjoy the journey into Happiness within us all. Please share his words and ask others to do the same. Paying it Forward is WHY we are ALL here. 😇
Lovingkindness for Self and All creatures great and small, This Is It!. Aho, Medicine Man
Happy New Year LovingKindness Universe✌️❤️👍
Medicine Man✌️❤️
SO what ELSE is ON Medicine Man’s MIND today????? Drum Roll please.. HOW about a hint for a Christmas present for those who love animals???? 🙂
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