Medicine Man 2016 on the Pacific Crest Trail in the Sierras heading north to Canada.

When you think you are all alone because you are NOT going along with status quo, know you are NEVER alone!

      After being o planet Earth 71+ spins around the SUN, Medicine Man has been blessed with studying in laboratory of life in the field of Medicine for nearly 50 years and counting. Over 37 years ago he started questioning the status quo of medicine he had been taught in medical school. As a free thinker and seeker of TRUTH, he discovered HEALTH was NOT spelled drugs, chemicals, surgery and vaccines. He came to realize his allopathic /western was suited mainly for emergency surgical and medical situation, NOT prevention and Optimum Cell Replication ( his words for HEALTH and HEALING) aka OCR.

He has said time and time again… when he has been told a particular alternative modality does NOT work.. His response is ALWAYS.. “The Person who says it cannot be done, should NOT interrupt the person doing it!” He also walks the talk and lives his life by walking aka doing what he teaches his patients and caregivers in his own life.  He would rather walk ALONE, than walk with those who are NOT on the path of TRUTH ( Preventing suffering and doing no harm in the process.).

As my dear departed Mother Marie taught me many moons ago, “Stephen you are NEVER alone you always have TWO who love you unconditionally, Spirit and yourself.” Thanks Mom for bringing me into this world we call planet Earth and for being a great teacher about living LIFE.

Life is from the EXPERIENCE! These are the words live by and I do my best to walk on the  edge of life and do my best to NOT take up space in the Universe.

My journey along the path of Shamanism etc. has taught me to always be OPEN minded and MINDFUL about ALL that is! The LINK below is to a page on this website that outlines what I do as a daily practice to Optimize my Cell Replication process aka HEALTH/HEALER WITHIN my amazing human body. Please enjoy reading what I have to share with all creatures great and small with ALL you know and ask them to do the same. I call this PAYING it FORWARD.

Aho and so it is,


Medicine Man aka Dr, . Stephen R. Blake B.S. , DVM, CVA, CVH, Usui Reiki Master, Amo Deus Shaman and fellow human being.