Shaman Jackson Blake stands strong in the knowing without knowing
that HEALTH is an INSIDE job. Ubuntu

This is what Where we go 1 we go ALL looks like.

It is said that HEALTH is NOT spelled DRUGS, CHEMICALS and VACCINES! HEATH is OPTIMUM CELL REPLICATION achieved by preventing suffering and doing NO harm in the process.

There are times in the case of a serious accident or birth defect for SURGERY is Essential to saving lives. There are times in emergencies where a particular drug or procedure is essential to preserving lives. There is a place for western medicine in the prevention of suffering and doing no harm. The issue in western medicine is the abuse of surgeries and drugs, chemicals and vaccines which have TOXIC EFFECTS and can cause chronic disease or death when used.

Surgery and drugs are a LAST resort to HEALTH care and should ONLY be used in an emergency when there are NO other options. The most important criteria for HEALTH is prevention.

My definition of PREVENTION is based on my A, B, C’s of Optimum Cell Replication aka OCR.

A = Avoidance. Avoidance of drugs, chemicals and vaccines that will BLOCK OCR.

B = Build/Repair. Build and repair damaged organ and organ systems.

C = Cleansing/Detoxing. Cleansing and Detoxing organ and organ systems of the body.

This short Youtube is about what I do to THRIVE and SURVIVE in a TOXIC world.

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Where we go 1 we go ALL.
Dr. Stephen Blake and Shaman Jackson Blake