Why are you wearing

a mask and

hiding at


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I have been in the field of medicine for over 50+ years and I am trained in Allopathic (western medicine in surgery, dentistry, drugs, chemicals and vaccines etc.). I am also trained in Acupuncture, Classical Homeopathy, Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Massage, Usui Reiki and common sense medicine.

There is NO SCIENCE to MANDATORY LOCKDOWN or wearing MASK for HEALTHY HUMAN BEINGS. Quarantine is when you confine sick individuals and TYRANNY is when you LOCKDOWN HEALTHY people!

WAKE UP PEOPLE and LISTEN to REAL SCIENCE NOT FAKE NEWS! My good friend Dr. Judy Mikovitz explains the TRUTH about this Plandemicus Maskcus Stupidicus in PLAIN ENGLISH. Read, learn and share NOW!


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This photo was taken by a citizen of New York City a few days ago of police arresting an American Citizen for not standing 6 feet away from another American Citizen. If you condone this behavior you are spitting on your constitution and not standing up for the freedom all of our veterans gave their lives for over the past 250 years. SHAME ON YOU.

The Nazis had a phrase which covered all abuses by the State: “Fur Ihre Sicherheit”


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Shame on law enforcement for not protecting and serving those who pay their salaries ✊️✊️✊️SHAME SHAME SHAME ✊️✊️✊️

Listen to the TRUTH about this PLANDEMIC to steal all of OUR God given human rights to life, liberty and the prosperity for all creatures great and small.


Shame on you and shame on me,
By Dr Stephen R Blake DVM

A day came in the year 2020
When on a beautiful day in sunny California, the land of plenty.
It began to rain and pour,
A rain of pee of tyranny and their freedom was no more.

The pee of tyranny rained upon the land,
For 40 days and 40 nights they all huddled in fear.
Brother turned against brother across the land,
All they did was huddle in fear.

Days came and went,
All they did was kneel down all bent.
The Pee of tyranny blinded them one and all,
Until the once great country had a great fall.

The pee of tyranny said you must wear a mask,
No truth was given and you were ordered not to ask.
Just kneel down and put on your mask,
And never look back at what freedom asks.

The sky is falling is all you could hear,
The pee of tyranny filled your ear.
From the television turds of lies would fly,
The turds of lies blinded your eye .

You ran hither ,tither and yon
Afraid of the invisible pee bond.
The pee of tyranny you let be,
Down on your knees and no longer free.

You turned on your brother,
You turned on your mother.
Never asking why am I not asking,
I am hating them for not masking.

The pee of tyranny can only last as long,
As you believe in the pee of tyranny.
So brother and sisters of the land,
Get off your knees and pee on tyranny.

Shame on you and shame on me,
For letting Tyranny pee on you and me .
Why has this come to be you may ask,
The answer is simple, you let tyranny kick your ass.

So brothers and sister of this once great land,
Stand together as ONE FREEDOM BAND!
Do not go down on your knees in shame,
Get off your asses and back in the FREEDOM GAME!

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sohaveyouthoughtaboutthis.com ? Why are you hiding from the common flu virus we get every year? Why are you wearing a mask that is harming your health and stealing your beautiful smile? Why are you watching fake news that spreads on FEAR and NON-SCIENTIFIC advise about the sky is FALLING? How many people do you know personally that has died from the so called Covid-19 virus? The tests only show you have been exposed to a corona virus within the last 10 years and are useless. There is no specific test for Covid-19 because it has never been isolated.

Wake up before all of your freedoms are taken from you and you are hauled off to a FEMA camp to be forced vaccinated, chipped and programed to be a SLAVE of the NEW WORLD order for the remainder of your life on planet EARTH. It is you choice and you need to act now or you and 7 billion fellow human beings WILL BE EXTERMINATED over the next 10 years with ONE thing you have been BRAINWASHED to believe will save you…Drum roll please…VACCINES. There has never been a double blind study to prove vaccines are safe or effective and you are going to let them kill you with the most deadly vaccine every created by these insane beings who want to have a ONE WORLD ORDER where they pick and choose who gets to be the ELITE and the SLAVES. If you are reading this I can guarantee you and me are NOT THE CHOSEN ONES!

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SO my fellow Americans the time is now to ROAR like our brother the TIGER and TAKE BACK our COUNTRY NOW.

Where We Go 1 We Go All!

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Never give up your FREEDOM .

Aho and so it is, Medicine Man a free American forever. Ubuntu

Why are you wearing a mask and hiding in your homes? | The Pet Whisperer™