Why is Master Miles, aka Baby’s Big Brother Smiling so BIG?
As you all know Miles is the human brother of his canine sister Baby who is another miracle Canine under the care of Homeopathy, Gemmotherapy and Colostrum. You can read about Baby at http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/babys-miracle-story-for-all-to-read-and-share-namaste/ and his human sister Layla at http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/what-is-this-beautiful-little-girls-story-all-about/ . His Mom told me the other say that Miles came out the bathroom and yelled out to everyone he was pooping every day. When she told me this, I asked why that was such a big deal. She went on to tell about her 4 year old son Miles, who had been chronically constipated for 3 of his 4 years on this planet. Do the math! That is 75% of his little life. Very SAD and common in this country.
I asked her to write a little story about my little friend Miles and share it with you all.


Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie

Hey Dr. Steve,
Miles left the bathroom the other day after performing his “duties” and announced “Hey everyone…I’m pooping every day!”. Everyone in our house knows what a big deal this is for Miles. Miles has literally struggled with chronic constipation since he was a year old. He’s had several visits to his doctor because of this issue, and nothing seems to resolve it. Miles would normally use the bathroom 1-2 times per week and it was a painful process.
His bowels were so large they could almost never be flushed and they made him bleed. He would sit on the toilet for hours (I’m not exaggerating). He would cry pitifully and I would have to stay in the bathroom, usually hugging him and also crying as he sat on the toilet. Eventually he developed a fear of pooping. To alleviate his fear, the doctor suggested I give him a laxative every day for six weeks. This would cause him to go more often, would decrease the size of the bowels and hopefully get rid of the pain and fear of using the bathroom. The laxative should regulate his bowels. We also changed his diet to eliminate anything binding or high in iron.
Six weeks passed, and the laxative didn’t really seem to help. Changing his diet seemed to help some, so we stuck to that. We invested in every Fiber One product we could get our hands on and increased his fluid intake. But like I said, it only helped a little. We also continued to give him the laxative a couple times a week. We called it his “magic juice”. To help with his fear, we started bribing him with treats to sit on the toilet.
Miles is now four years old and up until about 2 weeks ago, everything remained the same. We had to force him to sit on the potty, he would cry and sit there for hours. He would release his bowels painfully and they would be HUGE!
But the past couple weeks have been different. He’s been pooping every day! Not only that, but we don’t have to force him. He goes on his own with a smile on his face. He’s there for about 1 minute and then he’s done. His bowels are normal sized and are no longer causing any pain. So, my husband and I sat down to try to figure out what had changed. Why did this issue suddenly disappear?
And then we realized it was the COLOSTRUM! He’s been pooping every day since he’s been on the colostrum! It is truly a miracle for us.The hours we spent crying with him in the bathroom are gone and it is such a relief that he not only goes regularly, but his fear of going is also gone.
So once again, thank you for showing us the right way to deal with this issue! Hopefully we’ll have more miraculous news in the spring when he sees the allergist about his peanut allergy. We’ll definitely be keeping him on the colostrum. That is GOOD STUFF!
Why is Dr. Christian SMILING so BIG?
Miles is one of his special friends he shares time with every Thursday when he comes to Dr. Blake’s office to help on the more difficult cases. He watches over Master Miles and wants the best possible health he can help him with. When Miles has an oOweeeeee, Dr. Christian is right on it with Arnica, his favorite Homeopathic Trauma remedy to help his friend heal as fast as possibly.
Dr. Christian has educated Master Miles on the dangers of Vaccinations http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/health-tips/vaccinations/ of any kind and the dangers of drugs and chemicals. Master Miles summed it up pretty well with…
“I am pooping every day NOW!”
After 3 years of pain and suffering and being told by his doctor some kids only go to the bathroom 2 or 3 times a week is normal, he now knows the DOC was full of it and the good new is MILES isn’t FULL OF IT ANY LONGER!
You can learn more about New Zealand Bovine Colostrum on my website at
Help any child who is having digestive issues by sharing this simple story with them and asking them to share it with all they know.
Dr. Blake, Dr. Louie and Dr. Christian
Here is a short video on what Steve Job’s said and how it applies to REAL HEALTH!