journey picturre smile licking

Why is Journey, my wolf friend so excited?


We just told him, Dr. Louie and me are out the door for a walk. After that we are going to deliver our first protest letter to Costco and Home Depot. Here is a copy of it for all to read and hopefully do the same. The Power of ONE is ALIVE and WELL. Please pay it forward. Ubuntu , Doc and Doc


I have been a customer of your stores for decades and have decided to take a stand against companies I know are harming OUR WORLD.

I have chosen to stop buying anything on an island in your store that has

Roundup , Nutrasweet , Advantage or Frontline on it

This means that any product that is on the same island as these products, I will not buy from this moment forward.

I am going to put this on my social network and web site to encourage my thousands of readers and friends to do the same and ask have them tell all their contacts to do the same.

It is time you stepped up to the plate and were more environmentally sensitive to selling products that harm our world.

This is just the beginning. As I learn more about other products that are harming our world, I will do the same on the island they occupy.

Look into your heart and be the change you wish to see in our world


Sincerely yours, Dr. Stephen Blake